Dad Starts Cashing in on Kisses

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My kisses are sort of magical

For months now, Mommy has been the lucky recipient of the vast majority of Maddie’s kisses. I am absolutely delighted to see all that affection heaped upon Mom. However, I have to admit that I would like to share one once in a while myself. But kisses are one of those things that you hope for instead of ask for.

I have always showered Maddie with kisses and she has rewarded me with a long successful stint on the hug list. But this week, something changed. Without knowing how or why, I got promoted to Maddie’s priority kiss list. The kisses just come out of nowhere. We can be walking up the stairs or getting out of the car and all of the sudden my little angel is kissing me on the cheek.

For those of you who don’t have children but plan to, you are in for a real treat. There is something terribly overwhelming about being kissed by your little one. No matter what you are doing, it stops you dead in your tracks. You have a little celebration and thank the baby for taking time out to show some love.

As with anything else, I know it’s possible that the baby kisses could dry up tomorrow. So I’m stocking up now and saving them for the next dry spell. You never know when dad might land himself in the doghouse.

What do Kisses, Raspberries and Monkeys Have in Common?

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C'mere Monkey!!

There are two things in this world (besides food) that I know Maddie loves so far. Kisses and Raspberries – we also believe that Maddie really digs the concept of monkeys, but we’ll get back to that later.

Let’s start with kisses. (You know what they are)

Maddie didn’t necessarily love them at first, but it’s safe to say she has really come around. When the little girl starts working herself up into a lather, a few well placed kisses on the cabeza seem to do the trick. I’m not saying these strategic smooches will ward off evil or hunger – but they seem to have an impact on Maddie’s general disposition.

Once a couple of quick kisses are delivered to the cheek – she looks up quizzically and seems disappointed if a few more are not close behind.

Let’s move on to raspberries. (Not the fruit!)

The definition of a raspberry (verb) is to deliver a rude noise by putting your tongue between your lips and blowing. This causes ones lips to vibrate and produce a noise reminiscent of flatulence.

However, if you put these same vibrating lips against a ticklish area like the tummy – the baby seems absolutely delighted.

I must admit that my initial motivation was to wake up the baby when she kept falling asleep in the middle of her feeding time. However, since the discovery that Maddie loves it – It is now used to entertain the baby when she is feeling a bit fickle.

Finally, we move on to monkeys. (Yes, the furry mammals)

We have no idea if Maddie really loves monkeys or not. We have them on her clothes, her shower curtain and even her swaddle blankets. What we do know, is that when Maddie is swaddled inside of her baboon blanket – Maddie starts chewing on the chimps. This always triggers Gina’s now famous saying for the baby, “Don’t eat the monkeys, Maddie!”