Exhausted Baby’s Sunday Night Implosion

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Didn't see that coming

After a full day of visiting relatives – the baby, my wife and I arrived home to what we hoped would be a nice relaxing evening. Maddie however, had a completely different agenda on her mind and it did not include relaxation, despite the fact that she was completely exhausted.

It was so strange that after a day of smiles and sleeping, things basically fell apart the second we walked through the door. Maddie’s concentrated effort to stave off sleep and stay awake finally caught up to her and her parents. Now the baby was fighting mad and looking for a little payback!

Let me preface all of this by saying that Maddie is a remarkably good-natured baby and 99% of all of her meltdowns are caused by some form of hunger. This little tantrum bug was caused by plain and simple fatigue – and there was heck to pay!

Our afternoon was punctuated with a series of crying fits and over all restlessness. We played every card in the deck: diaper change, snuggling, pacifier, singing and even food. But when all was said and done – we were helpless to quell the riot boiling inside of our little girl.

We both took equal turns trying to bring some peace to Maddie, but we came up snake eyes every time. I really thought she would be delighted after trouncing her PaPa in a head-to-head fantasy football matchup to remain undefeated in her league. But nothing but time was going to heal these wounds!

It took hours before we finally coaxed Maddie into some decent sleep. I’m sure I really learned something from this experience – I just have no idea what that might have been.