Maddie Storms New York City Passport Office

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They can’t hide in there forever!

The New York City Passport Office will never be the same after Maddie Danger dropped in on them this morning.

Maddie strolled into the office and announced her presence with authority. It didn’t take long for her to let out a few prolonged shrieks to let people know that Maddie was in the house.

Once Maddie made her mark on the first floor – It was time to move on to the nerve center of the Passport Center – the tenth floor!

We were running short on distractions while Maddie’s fuse was running short.

I tried to keep her corralled at one of the empty workspaces, but suddenly time was up. Maddie put on quite a show, but thankfully it was time to go.

But fear not, here’s a sneak peak of Maddie’s AH-Mazing Passport Photo!

Hey, Hey We’re the Monkees!!

The Long Ride Home

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Kanye is pregnant?
Kanye is pregnant?

After a busy week with the grandparents, it was time for Maddie and her dad to take on their first solo road trip. Solo meaning just the two of us (poetic license).

I stocked up the front passenger seat with pacifiers, snacks, toys and a taser in case things got out of control with the baby seat behind me.

After about 20 minutes on the road, Maddie started hounding the driver for more interesting distractions than just a simple box of raisins. I offered up my cell phone and Maddie started making calls.

At one point, I heard a voice on the phone, but when I reached into the back seat to grab it, she fired the device under my chair. Oh well, hopefully she didn’t call 9-1-1 again.

I turned off the music and was getting ready to stop, when I noticed that the baby was feeling drowsy. Hmmmm, I wonder if Violet might help her over the hump into a dreamland.

I picked up Violet and Maddie began waving her hands in ardent protest. But when I went to put the purple dog down, she demanded I release the pup directly into her custody.

She snagged Violet, hugged him violently and fell into a deep sleep for the next 160 miles. It was our best road trip yet and I now have Violet on speed dial.

Quit hogging the car seat!
Quit hogging the car seat!

Maddie Taking Dinner to New Heights

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Any questions?
Any questions?

Maddie hasn’t been shy this week about showing her grandparents the full range of her talents. There have been moments of staggering cuteness and sweetness dappled with a few tantrums and truly bizarre behavior.

But Maddie chose tonight’s dinner to really let the good times roll.

Pasta was on the menu tonight and the little girl was ready for a party.

The first ten pieces of pasta went down quite easily, but then Maddie decided to take the experience to the next level. Rather than just enjoy the taste, Maddie decided to try out the sauce as a skin cleanser and hair product.

Maddie hasn’t taken this path in some time, so it was really worth the price of admission.

Once the pasta was all gone, it was time to move on to our nightly veggie packet. Dad handed Maddie the packet and she double pumped it with both hands successfully sealing her right eye shut with a nasty mixture of broccoli and spinach.

She took all of this in stride, but it made for an interesting farewell feast for the Mad Madster.