Maddie Contracts Bad Case of the “FLOPS”

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For nearly two months now, Maddie has been suffering from a terrible case of the FLOPS!

Medical experts are baffled by the flops, but it’s a condition afflicts Maddie and we don’t know the cure. A flop is caused by a little girl with a stubborn attitude who refuses to travel in any direction she doesn’t agree with.

If it’s time to leave the playground, Maddie flops. She lays down face first and goes completely limp. It doesn’t matter if there’s mud, dirt, concrete or thorns – Maddie will voluntary face-plant and stay there until you pick her up.

You can try to reason with her, but once she commits to hugging the ground, it’s going to be a while.

Maddie doesn’t need to have a specific destination in mind to employ this “passive resistance technique” she just wants to test those boundaries and stretch them until they bend or break.