Maddie Gets California Driver’s Permit

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The need for speed…
It’s not a party until they call out the fire department!
Roger Santa, you are cleared for takeoff on runway two-two!
Permission to buzz the tower?

Mads Trying to Get Organized for Big Holiday Adventure

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The airlines lost my pants before I left?

Maddie is packing up her gig and heading out west.

So what do you pack for the demanding baby for a six-hour flight? Basically anything you can think of.

Maddie is always on the move and has the attention span of a chipmunk with a Mountain Dew addiction.

At this point, we can only speculate what surprises the baby has in store for her parents and of course her fellow passengers.

Maddie has flown before, but that was months ago and before she was mobile.

Now that she can run around with reckless abandon, it will be fascinating to see how she reacts to being strapped in for the long haul.

Get ready for takeoff!!

Madeleine’s First Christmas Poem

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It's never too early to wake up for Santa!

Twas early Christmas morning and all through the place
Maddie was set to go off like a large can of mace

Her aunts and uncles were sleeping without care
But Maddie’s disposition was off, temper ready to flare

She kicked off her socks and knocked over my cup
Then gurgled and fussed and then she spit up

Now the volume was rising, time to wake up the house
The burp cloth now covered, PaPa’s sleeve and her blouse

Maddie unleashed a small scream, and threw one of her toys
No one knows what she wants, but she’s bringing the noise

It’s 4 in the morning, isn’t it time to wake up?
Santa’s long gone, hey PaPa, giddyup!

We creep downstairs, in hopes of calming her down
But the baby has other ideas, you can tell by the frown

She latched onto to my hair and wouldn’t let go
Then began to act out and let the tears flow

We head for the basement to stifle that great roar
But now the windows are shaking along with the floor

The house is awake now, confusion starting to spread
Why is the baby fretting, she’s been changed and been fed?

Just when all seems lost, a smile appears
Is there new hope, an end to the crying and tears?

Maddie’s eyes now grow heavy, not making a peep
The house falls silent – one and all back to sleep!

Baby Busts First Round of Holiday Pictures

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Who moved the Christmas tree?

For such an amazingly photogenic baby – Maddie was not interested in participating in a little holiday photo cheer this evening. For a little girl that is always ready with a smile and who loves nothing more than attention, she was really grinching it up this evening.

We tried a variety of outfits and poses, but the little cutie was not playing our game this evening. I snapped picture after picture, but honey badger don’t play that game! I was actually quite entertained by the spectacle – a Christmas card shot tonight would have the caption under Maddie reading, “What’s your major malfunction?”

The more my wife and I talked sweetly or tried to excite the baby, the more she dug in her heels to let us know that tonight was NOT our night and she would not be sweet-talked by anyone including her parents.

We tried a variety of locations including the Bumbo chair, the floor and even under the tree – but Maddie was quickly losing her sense of humor with her inept parents and their wild shenanigans. After I shot a little more than 40 pics, it was time to suspend negotiations and give it a try some other time.

Apparently the baby was exhausted after all the paparazzi attention because the second Gina took the baby back to the room, she literally passed out. Gina laid Maddie in the crib and the baby simply checked out. I don’t know when our next photo shoot is – but Maddie assured us that we better have a smarter plan in place if want to make it through the day unscathed.