Maddie Goes Hollywood

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Maybe I can squeeze you in for coffee, how’s November?

Anybody who spends any time with Maddie can always agree on one thing. SHE IS BUSY! From the moment I pull her out of the crib until I put her to bed at night, she is always on the go.

It’s actually very hard for Maddie to fit meals into her busy schedule. As soon as I lift her up in the morning, Maddie signals that she needs to get down. I place her on the floor and she literally hits the ground running towards her bookshelf.

It’s officially go time! Maddie scoops up two or three books, shuffles past me, sits down and begins leafing through her books. Once she gets through each one, she’s back at the bookshelf for the next series of books.

Diaper changes and meals have become a chore for Maddie because time is money. It would appear that in Maddie’s mind, these activities are time wasters. She could obviously be doing something more productive than getting a clean diaper or enjoying a nice meal.

She’s not even 14-months-old yet, but her work ethic is seems to be carved into granite.