Bathroom Photo Op

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Dad gets us into some strange situations!
Dad gets us into some strange situations!
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Did he actually bring the high chair into the restroom?

Baby Uncovers Better Ways to Entertain Herself

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Baby craves more variety!

Tummy time mats, rain forest swings and wild jungle adventure settings with flashing lights – all tricks of the trade designed to entertain and keep the baby dialed in. Each device works pretty well at various times during the day.

Some items keep Maddie’s attention for about five minutes while others work for more than a half hour. Of course sometimes they just don’t work at all. But there is one system that is completely foolproof.

It’s known simply as the bathroom floor. The set up consists of folded up towels, one for Maddie’s head and the other for her body. I lay her down on the towels when PaPa needs to shave and for some reason – she loves it.

I don’t know if its the noise from the fan, the bathroom lighting, the running water or a combination of all three – but she could not be more entertained once I lay her down. She laughs, kicks and delights as her eyes shift around the room. She also loves to check out the shower curtain which is layered with cartoon monkeys and bananas.

It’s hard to know what it is that strikes her fancy, but Maddie is always pleased to help out her Dad when it’s time to shave.

Other parents often comment on how small children will often enjoy the wrapping paper or the box much more than the present that was on the inside. Now this theory is really starting to take shape as we begin the long journey of trying to discover what it is that makes Maddie tick.