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Bring on July

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We are just getting warmed up

Don’t Forget to Duck

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Reading shouldn't be this easy
Reading shouldn’t be this easy

Maddie Putting the Beatdown on Baby Books

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I’m not sure this one is going to make it

Maddie has many wonderful attributes, but being gentle isn’t one of them. Her parents were very encouraged when Maddie developed an early interest in books. But lately, the baby has taken a real interest in punishing her books.

Her “Noisy Peekaboo” book is really getting her riled up lately. The book sports the pictures and noises of four farm animals that are hidden under a little cardboard flap. The flaps hiding the animals have all suffered full-frontal assaults from the Mad Madster.

Sadly, Woolly the Sheep no longer has any shelter at all. Maddie tore off the barn door leaving the “Woolly Sheep” completely exposed to the elements. Now when you turn to his page, the sheep cries out in protest against the unsolicited abuse he’s endured at the hands of the Madster.

The other animals still have some protection, but the wicker basket hiding “Noisy the Rooster” is in bad shape. Maddie has crunched the basket on numerous occasions and has had to be pulled away kicking and screaming from it several times this week. She wants that to fry that chicken and no wicker basket is going to deprive her of that kill.

Keep in mind we are talking about cardboard books that the baby is beating up. It’s still a little too early to let her look at real books unless you want all the pages ripped out. This becomes obvious any time Maddie grabs a hold of a magazine. Within minutes, all the pages have been torn away from the spine and left for dead on the floor.

For now, the Peekaboo Book lives on, but all of us know that its only a matter of time before Maddie puts the poor book out of its misery.