Maddie Still Bringing Out Smiles at Church

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It's ok if you don't want to smile at me

Maddie loves attention and is at her best when she is able to make others smile. This is an art she has been perfecting at church for months now. Today she took another step in her journey to become the great entertainer.

This morning’s service had only been underway for a few minutes when I noticed something remarkable. Six smiling faces were focused in our direction, radiating with adulation for the baby girl smiling at each one of them from her child carrier. Maddie’s fan club was evenly divided between our pew and the one directly behind us.

I could only shake my head and chuckle upon looking down at the little ham who was hard at work making new friends across the congregation. Maddie was soaking up all the attention as she made those cute little baby noises that turn heads and warm hearts.

Her affection for the people surrounding her was matched only by her fascination with how the light in the church plays off of the stained glass. Her curiosity levels are off the charts right now and you can see the wheels spinning as she tries to make sense of all sights and sounds bombarding her senses.

It is so much fun to observe Maddie’s transformation and development from service to service. When we first started taking her to church, she was all about catching up on her sleep – now she is struggling to take in every morsel of information around her.

Don’t get me wrong – Maddie ran out of gas about half way through the service and was quickly in serious need of a nap. Once she started fussing, I scooped her up and she was out in just a few moments.

That was the end of this service for Maddie, but once again our little bee charmer continues to impress!

Maddie Demands Updated Handling Procedures

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I don't want to miss a thing!

In her latest attempt to shake things up, Maddie has decided that the tried and true method of carrying her back and forth is no longer an acceptable mode of transportation. The baby is now demanding full disclosure in all matters regarding getting from point A to point B.

There was a time not so long ago, (maybe 3 days ago) when Maddie was perfectly happy to be carried around with her face hidden in the arms of her father. But due to some new disturbance in the force, Maddie has decided on a radical shift in parental policy.

Kicking old policy to the curb, Maddie decreed that from now on (unless she’s ready for sleep) she must be kept in the loop at all times. This means that anytime she is picked up or moved, she must to be facing front and center so she can see where she’s going on how she is getting there. Her full disclosure policy includes providing a clear field of vision so she can evaluate who the people are around her and what they are doing.

Maddie is more alert than ever before and is unwilling to take a chance that she might possibly miss something. The baby must be able to see all the action and events unfolding around her at all times. Her communication skills are developing on a daily basis and she has a great deal to share with us. Her little personality seems to be stuck in overdrive and she literally gets sweeter every time you see her.

What’s even more interesting is Maddie’s rapidly developing sense of independence. She likes to be in the middle of all the action, but does not necessarily need to be the center of attention. Maddie is so locked in and focused on everything that is happening around her, that you are afraid to deprive her of a single moment.