Aunt Jacque

Maddie’s Birthday Family Snapshots

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Actually, let’s start with me
I didn’t agree to this
How does someone get a drink around here?
This place is standing room only
Aunt Joni, did you know that I’m a Leo?
Ready for your fantasy football draft?
I’m burning up the rug in this rig!
Uncle Jon, you amaze me!

Every Day I’m Shuffling

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It turns out that Gina and I have been using many similar tactics when it’s time to put the baby down at night. Together, we have perfected a new procedure to put the baby to sleep known as the every day I’m shuffling maneuver. 

We both begin with a cool down session after the dinner feeding.  A little bit of cuddling and soft words set the tone for a good night’s sleep for the baby. But then, depending on who is putting the baby to bed, Maddie will find herself if one of two scenarios.

If her Mom is putting her to bed, Gina will adjust Maddie into her arms the same way she intends to lay her down. The thinking here is that the less jostling it takes to lay Maddie in the crib, the better the chances are that she won’t wake up. 
If PaPa is putting the baby down, he moves in for a tight swaddle. This technique is designed to make sure Maddie doesn’t lose any sleep due to flailing arms and legs. 
But it’s the next step that we both use to transport the baby to the room that is causing quite a stir in the entertainment industry. It’s become known as the every day I’m shufflin maneuver. The baby has finally conked out in our arms and we must make the long and arduous journey to her crib.
This is when we start shufflin’!
  • Step 1 – do not let your feet leave the ground.
  • Step 2 – the pace of your movement must become unbearably slow.
  • Step 3 – do not make any deliberate moves (going in a few circles is ok)
  • Step 4 – patience is the key to a successful shuffle.
  • Step 5 – once you complete the journey to the crib – KEEP SHUFFLIN’ (you are not done yet)
  • Step 6 – Shuffle in place until you know the baby is ready for the put down.
  • Step 7 – before you put the baby down, already have your exit strategy planned. Accidentally kicking the crib or moving a door can destroy a well-executed shuffle.

If you follow these careful steps – Maddie will sleep peacefully until the late-night dinner bell chimes in her stomach. A special thanks to Aunt Jacque and LMFAO for providing the clever catch phrase for this early evening activity!