Maddie, Meet Savannah

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Let's roll baby sister
Let’s roll baby sister

I Can Still Fit Daddy!

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This is still my seat you know!
I don’t feel comfortable sharing my seat with baby sister!

Only Moments Away from Meeting Big Sis

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Got build up strength for the Maddie summit!
Must build up strength for the Maddie summit!

Baby Timeline – Things Crawling Along

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10:20a  Parents arrive at hospital – Maddie safe at home with MiMi

12:30p  Gina starving, but still reading magazine recipes

6:02p  Challenged by an angry doctor and ordered out of room and stared down – Guy is obviously a former mental patient.

6:10p  Epidural executed, but baby doesn’t like it.

6:12p  Baby is fine

6:30p  Doctor is suddenly our best friend

7:00p  Epidural working (sort of)

7:15p  Room full of delivery specialists file in – standard procedure

7:25p  Epidural not working at all – This sucks

7:30p  Kicked out for 2nd Epidural

Still Waiting for My Baby Sister

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Bring her home, I'm WAITING!!
Bring baby sister home, I’m WAITING!!